What are the currency gems used for in the mobile app game “Episode”?


Have you just started playing the mobile app game Episode: Choose Your Story? Did you choose a story and begin to play it?

Are you a little confused as to how to advance in the game, and why you need the currency gems in order to proceed?

What are the currency gems used for in Episode? — While gems are not mandatory for completing a story in the game, if you do not have them you cannot do some of the things in each story. Gems are generally needed for things like kissing your boyfriend, buying a drink, smoking, buying a new outfit, getting your hair done, going to the movies and other choices that can make a story more enjoyable.

You will be given three gems when you start the game, and you will earn more every day that you play it. If you want to have access to every choice in a story, however, you will eventually have to have many more gems than those you are given for free.

So you may ask find yourself riddled with the question of how to get free gems in episode?

Should you buy gems? — Some Episode players do buy gems as they want to have access to every choice in each story. If you do not care about being able to make every choice available, you can easily complete a story without buying gems.

After all, gems are expensive and, once you begin buying them, it is easier to become addicted to them. Some gamers have spent hundreds of dollars buying gems just so they can complete a story with the choices they want to make.

If you do choose to buy gems, be strict with yourself about how many you buy and only use them for absolutely necessary choices.

Where can you buy gems for Episode? — These can be bought via the game app.

Check out the price being charged for each package of gems before you buy it and, if you think you will need more of them as you progress through other stories, buy one of the larger packages as each gem is cheaper that way.

Getting gems via an online gem generator — People that cannot afford the expensive gems the developers of Episode sell get their gems via an online gem generator.

They do still have to pay a fee to access gems but, when you can pay a small fee and get thousands of gems, rather than the handful the developers give you for the same money, it is no wonder many people use them.

You will find several online gem generators via a search on Bing, Yahoo or other search engine. Make sure you do not add tens of thousands of gems to your Episode game at the same time however, as that is how you will be caught and banned from the game.

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