2018’s BEST Lightweight Binoculars


Weather an avid hunter or true blue naturalist hiking or camping one tool proves vitally important in your bag; Binoculars. You want to have the best equipment in your backpack (or around your neck) that includes high quality lens focus, water resistance, overall durability; something compact and lightweight. If your traveling around you are already carrying some heavy baggage and have limited space for inventory. Whats more, each and every pair of light binoculars already offers so many differentiating factors that it can get confusing. Well we know this much: they need to be incredibly durable, compact, and lightweight (plus, your already investing in a wall around amazing experience, they should look aesthetic!).

Lets Separate your options into two simple fractions. The luminary above $350 and the budget aware sub $350.

First the Ideal pair for just about any possible situation; enter Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars. Of the pricier options on the market this wonder tool really help you fulfill just about any outdoor mission. With a high density optical system that offer anti-refectory lens coating, you truly get top tier image resolution and image transmission. Bringing with them a 10x zoom the excellence is all the more vibrant for those with a steady hand. Perhaps the single best option for lowlight viewing. Along with Armortek coating the Vortex Optics Viper offers compact rubber armor casing allows you to have a consistent comfortable grip. Aragon proofed and o-ring sealed the Optics Viper defies the elements themselves and provides the waterproof and fog-proof you need. Of course the staple lens caps are provided for safe storage. No matter what you put them through they are backed by a lifetime warranty (so don’t be scared to be a little rough). Lets not forget their aesthetic appeal and lightweight design to adorn your neck (padded neck strap bonus) and enhance every situation your encounter.

Now lets identify the budget wise consumers pair of choice.

Here we have the perfect choice for the money savvy; at under $100 the Celestron 71330 Nature DX 8×32 Binoculars. Offering a wide field of view with the BaK-4 Prisms lens (laced with Phase Coating) the resolution is unbelievable. Multi-coated optics to allow for maximum light transfusion for better image yet again. Better suited for more passive journeys (such as bird-watching) it still plays a vital role in any hikers gear. At just 18 ounces, the Celestron is without a doubt compact and lightweight. Nitrogen purged and fog proof! This particular model allows for an up to 8x zoom and equipped with twist up eyecups, they are surprisingly comfortable. Some naturalist have referred to this as the best (lightweight) pocket binoculars. This perhaps falls into the perfect option for beginners (not to say professionals wouldn’t benefit from such a tool).

So, identify what you are specifically looking for, your experience in the field and be bold in your choice – you cant go wrong! Happy adventures are born of quality experiences – experience yours.