3 tips to help you become more popular on Soundcloud


Becoming more popular on Soundcloud means standing out. A good soundcloud promotion takes a lot  work. Especially if you are a new artist to the platform, and do not have many fans.

Do not despair, though, as it is possible to become very popular on Soundcloud. Especially if you follow these three tips.

Get an active fanbase — Your fans can push you and your music much faster and much easier on Soundcloud than you can. This is simply because, if you woo them correctly, there will be more of them.

Getting an active fanbase is important, therefore, and this can be done with two distinct things.

First, upload new music every week. Second, comment on it and respond to your all fans’ questions and comments. Fans love to support artists that seem appreciate of their support, and that interact with them.

Submit your music to popular bloggers — People that run music sites are always looking for new music to write about, so make sure you submit each song to a list of bloggers whose work you like.

Be polite when you submit it, do not brag about your work as, if it is good, it will speak for itself, and do not give up if your music is not featured by them the first time you submit it.

Some bloggers have a massive amount of influence in the indie music world, with just one mention from one of them garnering you thousands of new fans. Be persistent, and you will eventually see your work on a popular blog.

Promote other artists as much as yourself — Too many new artists on Soundcloud promote themselves exclusively, and do not think about other artists at all.

Find artists whose work you enjoy, or that is in the same genre as yours, and promote them. Once you have promoted them a few times, you can ask if they would be interested in promoting one of your songs.

You may be surprised just how much attention you can get on Soundcloud by helping other people as much as you help yourself.