A guide to playing PUBG


What is PUBG?

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and is an online battle royale game. The game was published by PUBG Corporation whose parent company is the Bluehole. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017. In December 2017 the game was also released by Microsoft Studios and was made available for Xbox and Play station players. In 2018 PUBG launched its mobile app which has free access by both Android and IOS users. It is now one of the most famous games played by everyone all around the globe. PUBG has received a lot of awards since its launch and was a nominee of the Game of the Year award. The game has become so popular and a lot of players have allegedly gotten addicted to it. The game has also been banned in a few countries because of being highly addictive for children who started to give up studying and going to school to play the game. These countries include Nepal, India, and Iraq.


In PUBG a number of players look for weapons on an island. The players can play individually or in teams. The players look for equipment to kill their counter teams or individuals. The players have to make sure that they kill everyone and survive until the end of the game. The play area decreases over time bringing the last few survivors into closer proximity to force encounters. The last team or player that has survived will win the round. The maximum number of players that can play around is a hundred. The number of players in a team can be up to four. Two players can also play as a duo. Players can choose if they want to play as first person or the third person perspective. Players can choose their getup before the game and have to search for weapons and vehicles inside buildings and other sites. There are some high-risk zones too in the game. These are areas which have better weapons hidden.

Players have to enter the safe zone as after every few minutes the gaming area shrinks. Those players left outside the safe area are eliminated. There is a variety of other in-built features as well such as the plane that flies over the map which might drop a package. The package makes the game more interesting as it creates further confrontations amongst the players. Each round lasts for an average of 30 minutes. At the end of each round players get points in the form of in-game currency. Each player gets points according to his or her performance.

The game has become everyone’s favorite however the critics do evaluate the game’s technical flaws. PUBG Corporation has been working on its flaws and has updated the game as a result of its reviews regarding the technical issues. Other than this the game is everyone’s favorite. Check out this pubg radar hack if you want some additional entertainment while playing this game.