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Trigger Point is all about entertainment. Entertainment is the rhythm of life and refreshes the mind and body too. It helps us to relax our minds and forget our stress and tensions for a while. We are the lovers of entertainment and share this love with our readers through our magazine. We provide ample information about all kinds and genres of movies and TV shows including romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror and other genres. In music we have vast collections of pop, rock, classic, jazz, country, hip hop, folk, techno, and punk music. We offer our readers with detailed analysis about the latest trending movies, shows and music on the top charts around the globe. Our experts analyse everything new in town and provide their reviews about them. We also provide our readers with information about the upcoming live shows, concerts, gigs, events and performances. Apart from this we have information about equipment for film and TV and valuable advice from experts to help the budding amateur entertainers. We also have information about the music artists, singers, actors, TV show hosts, bands and celebrities too. We are all about entertainment in short and if you are a lover of entertainment then you must go through our pages every month to stay up to date with the latest news and find out about the happenings in the global entertainment industry.