The Best Ways to Spend Your FIFA Coins


In FIFA Ultimate Team, you always want to spend your coins wisely. Otherwise, you will be left with very few, and it usually takes a long time to acquire more unless you are willing to buy fifa 18 coins fast on third-party websites. How should you spend the coins so that you don’t end up with nothing, but invest in good players at the same time? Check out these tips.


When you buy players, ALWAYS try to buy the cheapest. The rating and cards on FIFA don’t matter in my opinion. Sometimes, a good player will have a bronze or silver card, but they are really much better than the stats suggest. Anyway, when you start out you don’t really have a lot of money to buy expensive players. However, just because they aren’t world class doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. You should always give them opportunities. So as I said, always try to buy the cheapest players in price and develop your team around them. Over time when you go into the higher divisions, you will obviously need some more developed players. This is where spending wisely will help you out. Since you haven’t spent heavily on players, you will have the money to buy at least one or two world class players. Another tip is buy packs. The probability of getting a world class player or professional player in a pack is really high. You might get someone from FC Porto, Juventus, Chelsea, Benfica, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Even if it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, that player can be very helpful to the team.

Kits, Contracts, or Fitness:

A lot of FIFA managers don’t think about it, but these above are really necessary in order to maintain a healthy and happy squad. When you buy a world class player, they will most likely require a contract quite often, and it always has to be a gold contract. Also, they will wear out quite quickly from all the games they play, which is why they need fitness packs. You as manager should focus on having as many of these contracts and fitness packs as possible. They are typically quite cheap, with 200 coins being the lowest and 1,000 coins being the highest. This is not as important as the others, but you can invest in kits too. This doesn’t really affect the players, but it might be nice for you to have a few kits in storage and not have to worry about buying any other when you want one.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways in which one can wisely spend their FIFA coins. The key to having a lot of coins is spending wisely on players and contracts and other necessities for the team. If you follow tips like this, you will lead your team to success “financially” and on the pitch. Also, don’t forget to buy cheap players! The good players will come on along the road when you need them. Best of luck on your ultimate team and I hope you and your team win loads of trophies!