Earplugs for loud events? Sounds good! (pun intended!)


Every year thousands of people attend loud events such as festivals, concerts, sporting events, and automotive races to forget their worries, let loose, and have some fun. While attending these events are vital to maintaining a healthy balance between work and play, its important to invest in earplugs to wear during the event to prevent irreversible damage (More information: Best Earplugs Resource)


Preventing Tinnitus


Tinnitus is a debilitating condition that causes suffers to have a continuous, non-stop ringing in their ears. This neurological condition’s so bothersome that it can prevent people from completely their everyday activities. Tinnitus occurs when there’s damage to the sensory cells due to frequent or prolonged exposure to loud noises.


Once there’s damage to these cells, they cannot send impulses back to the person’s brain or to the auditory nerve, resulting in a constant ringing in the ears. This condition is not reversible and only managed through medication. The easiest way to prevent this condition is to wear earplugs during loud events that block harmful sound frequencies.


In addition, there have been significant studies linking tinnitus to other mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Moreover, the inability to perform daily functions can lead to the inability to keep up a healthy lifestyle and decreasing your quality life.


Temporary or Permanent Hearing Loss


Everyone who’s attended a loud event have experienced the impaired hearing that’s a result of being around excessively loud noises for a prolonged period. After exposure to loud events, ears need at least 10 hours to restore hearing back to its normal state. Thusfore, temporary hearing can last for a few hours to a few days, eventually going back to normal hearing. When temporary hearing loss occurs, a visit with a primary care provider many be necessary to restore hearing back to normal. While only temporary its unsettling to not be able to hear correctly and interrupt your normal daily life.


However, continuously exposing yourself to loud events will eventually lead to permanent hearing loss. This occurs when your ears are permanently damaged because of the frequent exposure to loud noises. This condition is not repairable and can lead to a decreased quality of life. Special measures will needed to prevent further hearing loss including avoiding loud events and protecting your hearing as often as possible.


Both temporary and permanent hearing loss is preventable. By wearing earplugs during loud events, you can avoid the uncomfortable experience of temporary hearing loss and avoid permanent hearing loss from occurring in the long run. Earplugs have a bad reputation for limiting the sound quality of an event like a concert or festival. However, studies show that ear plugs prevent frequencies without ruining your experience.


Protecting Your Childs Hearing


It’s important to make sure your child’s hearing is always protected during loud events in addition to protecting yourself. A child’s hearing can undergo permanent damage quicker than that of an adult due to their unfinished development. A child’s ears are sensitive to sound causing them to experience irreversible damage with less exposure to loud events than adults.