Ergonomics ? How an ergonomic mouse improves wrist pain


If you have never used an ergonomic mouse with your computer, you may not know just how many benefits there can be to owning one.

An ergonomic mouse is not only easier to use but, if used correctly, will suddenly mean your hands feel much better after a long day of work as well.

If you are considering buying an ergonomic mouse, therefore, here are just a few benefits you will realize quickly after you first own one.

Your wrist will hurt less — Millions of people around the country spend many hours a day on their computers. If they use a mouse for much of it, by the end of the day their wrists will hurt from having to hold them in an unnatural position.

If you use an ergonomic mouse, on the other hand, your wrist is held in a much more natural position throughout the day. This will cause your wrist to hurt less.

In more serious situations, an ergonomic mouse will also prevent you from having a stress fracture or developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

A more natural position when gripping the mouse — If you look at your hand when gripping a computer mouse, you will see quickly that it looks as though it is in quite an unnatural position with a non-ergonomic mouse.

This unnatural position can cause your hands and fingers to cramp and to ache. Over time, these aches and pains will mean it becomes more and more difficult to do your daily work simply because your hand hurts so much when you do.

Switch out your old mouse for the best ergonomic mouse, however, and you will immediately notice your hand is in a more natural position when you grip it. Over a few days of use, and you should also notice that the aches and pains you are used to having are no longer there.

An ergonomic mouse offers good support — If you use a computer mouse that was badly designed, you will usually see that your hand and wrist have to be raised off the table surface slightly in order to be able to manipulate it.

This slight raise of your wrist and hand causes strain to be placed on muscles that were not meant to be strained that way. Due to this poor support, you could eventually find you develop consistent pain in them. Pain that will make it difficult for you to work.

With an ergonomic mouse, however, your wrist and hand are supported. There is no longer any strain on either and, thus, no longer any pain. Much like a trackball.

Minimal effort needed — A cheap or badly designed mouse is often difficult to use as it requires far more effort just to move it across the surface you are working on.

Get an ergonomic mouse, however, and you will notice immediately how much less energy you have to use to manipulate it and how it feels as though it is gliding across your work surface almost effortlessly.