How to get more instagram followers


Quick, Quicker, Quickest


It seems like not a day goes by without the news discussing some celebrities Instagram update. It’s safe to say that Instagram has fast become the go-to place to get noticed. Even in this social media crowded world, Instagram is holding its own in importance. The following are the quick and smart ways on how to get followers on instagram.

A quick way to get more followers is to invite others to join your account by putting hashtag invites on other more popular accounts. This is a bit time consuming but it works. You can think of it as free advertising.

A quicker way is to use an app to help automate the process. The steps are simple. Look for an appropriate app on your smartphone and get started. The only downside to using an app is that there will be a decent amount of tapping and scrolling involved. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then there is always the quickest option and that would be to pay for followers. This will obviously cost you financially, but if you need some quick followers immediately then it may be worth it. The main thing to think about when paying someone for followers is to make sure they are of good repute.


Quality vs Quantity

All of the above-mentioned ways are great if all you care about is getting followers at any cost. However, those methods may not get you the type of followers you want or need. This is an important distinction. Sure, you paid someone to get followers, and you got a bunch of followers who don’t know what you do or care. From a business perspective that could be a useless proposition. For example, if you are in the business of selling bananas, what’s the point in getting a bunch of followers who have no clue or interest in bananas?


Niche and Hashtags

The thing to do in this case is to stick with your niche. This is when hashtag monitoring becomes useful. When done on a daily basis you get insights on trends and competitive matters. When looking at others hashtags, tap or click it and see if fits your niche. If it does, then obviously, the thing to do is to follow it. When this is done, the person on the other side will most likely follow you also.



Want to take hashtag motoring to another level? Then start “regraming”. A regram is just a slang term for re-posting. The only time this won’t work is if your account is in “startup” mode. New users of Instagram usually get surprised by the amount of regraming that can happen. Of course, you will need something that is worthy of a regram.


Stay in Touch

We can talk about all the ways to increase followers until we go blue in the face. But there is something to be said about good old fashion persistence. There are no short cuts for this and the thing to do is to keep posting quality material. Couple the effort with targeted hashtags, and before you know it you will be an Instagram pro!