Looking for Alternatives to Spotify? These Four Services are Great Choices


Spotify is without a doubt the most recognized name in music streaming. With millions of songs in their database, it has been calculated that more than 10% of them will never be listened to. That’s an impressive amount of music at your fingertips, but there are also those who are highly critical of the world most popular music streaming service, not because of its lack of offered content, but because of the way that the service is run. There have long been complaints about too many commercials, bad customer care, unreliable streams, and high price. So, for those who are looking for an alternative for Spotify, here are a few popular suggestions. While there are tons of free music services out there, we are going to focus on those paid services that offer the same level of audio quality and library size offered by Spotify as well as mp3 music download.

Groove Music by Microsoft

Groove music was a popular independent offering until two years ago, when it was purchased by the Windows Maker and retooled as a replacement for its shuttered Zune Music Service. The revamped Groove was rolled out as part of the initial Windows 10 platform release and has since grown into a massively popular music streaming alternative for Spotify. With interconnectivity for Microsoft Cortana Assistant and instant streaming of songs, it makes a wonderful alternative to “Big Green”. The service offers channels, streams, a huge on demand library of songs, continuous listening and other features that are just a pleasure to see, especially for those of us who remember the disaster of Zune. Plans are very low priced and the service is available on all windows and android devices (sorry apple, not any plans in the future for you guys).


Still an old standby, the original music streaming company has gone through a roller coaster of popularity in recent years, but has come out of the process of retooling themselves into a more streamlined provider like a champ. The service still operates much the same as it always has but with more options for offline listening, reduced commercial options and lower subscription rates it may be time to take a fresh look and. Pandora is offered on all platforms in some form and has one of the largest music libraries in the industry, sorry, still no instantly play on demand option, though.

Google Music

The relative newcomer to the scene is Google Music. This service was highly anticipated when it first was announced, but the initial rollout was far less than what the hype promised. That being said the service has gone through its growing pains and has become better for it. Offering a sizeable on demand instant listening library, a very pleasant variety of curated channels, and a very reasonable subscription rate it may be a good option for those who are adamantly opposed to anything Microsoft. In fact, it’s a perfect solution for them, since it’s not even an option on the windows platform (Google says that Windows users can listen via the website interface, but that is spotty and low quality at best). Available on both apple and android, it’s a nice option for those who like the whole Google Play look and feel.

Music Choice

This service is free, sort of. Music Choice has been around for a long time, but it was until a couple of years ago, only a set of channels offering commercial-free streaming music on your cable or satellite television service. Now the music choice system has been expanded to also include a website interface as well as apps for all major platforms which allow you to hear the same high-quality music channels that you get on your TV anywhere. Promises of offline listening in the near future have been touted and music video categories have been added recently. There is no subscription option for non-cable or satellite customers, but 90% of cable or satellite subscribers have Music Choice included free as part of their service, you only need to sign in using your TV provider’s username and password.

These Spotify alternatives are a great way to keep the music pumping. Music streaming should be about enjoying the tunes, not being unhappy with the provider. Check out any of these great options and keep on rocking!