Six Advantages Of The Use Of Foldable Bicycles in Singapore


    Foldable bicycles are a good means of transport compared to normal bicycles. Gone are the days where foldable bicycles had big wheels and hard to ride, now they are improved, fast, and easy to ride.


    In densely populated countries like Singapore, there is a lot of traffic on the roads, houses are small and clustered, among many other things.


    Here are some of the advantages of using foldable bicycles in a country like Singapore.


    1. They Are a Means Of Transport


    Just like trains, cars, ships, and planes, bicycles are a good means of transport. They are not only used during leisure but can also be used to commute to work, school, or any other place. In busy towns, there is traffic on the roads. Bicycles can make it easier for you to get to work or other places on time.


    2. Health Benefits of Exercise


    Riding a bicycle is a fun activity that has health benefits to our bodies. Doctors advise exercising every day to help boost our immune system. Riding a bicycle helps in strengthening our muscles.


    Exercising reduces the risk of getting diseases like obesity, heart disease, among others. The best way to losing weight is to ride a bicycle regularly.


    3. They Save On Cost


    Transport is essential in our daily activities. We take small journeys to the market, to visiting our friends who live nearby. Instead of using a taxi or a bus, you can use a bicycle, hence, saving you money.


    Servicing a bicycle is much cheaper than servicing a car or any other means of transport.


    4. Saves On Space


    A foldable bike is much easy to store as compared to normal mountain bikes. Since the bike is foldable, it becomes smaller in size, making it take up small space.


    It is convenient for anyone who has a small space. Since the bike is flexible, you can take it anywhere, even in the offices.


    5. Convenient To Use


    If you are cycling, it’s normal for a bicycle to get punctures or get spoilt. The advantage of a foldable bike is that you can fold it and easily take it to a mechanic. Simultaneously, during bad weather, you can fold your bike get into a bus, and get home comfortably.


    6. Easy to Use


    At first, it might be hard and time-consuming to fold a bike. However, with practice, it will take less time to fold. Unfolding the bike takes the same learning process.


    In busy countries like Singapore, foldable bicycles come in handy, and this is from free transport, free exercise, and to save on space despite where you choose to use and store it.