Things to consider when applying for IT jobs



If you currently work in IT, and are looking for a new position in the industry, there are a few things you should look for when applying for any IT jobs or ict banen.


Things that will mean, not only will you have more of a chance of finding IT jobs that you like, but the companies you apply at may be more reputable as well.


How long has the company been in business? — One of the problems when looking for IT jobs can be that you will often find many openings with companies that have only been in existence for a few months.


While this can be exciting and a challenge, it also tends to mean your job will be less secure as IT start ups shut down all the time.


Be sure, therefore, that you can handle working for a company that may not be particularly stable before you even apply for the job.


Are you excited about the job? — IT, especially with a start up, can be an exciting business to be in, but not every company is one you may be excited about.


Be sure you are not only interested in the company, but are also very interested in the job itself before you even apply. Otherwise, you could find yourself a few months down the road wishing you had applied for a lot more IT jobs before you accepted this one.


What is management like? — While a job may look very interesting and a company one you may want to work for, you still need to find out what the management is like.


Is the person you would be working for someone you would get along with? Do you have similar ideas when it comes to IT, and the direction the company is moving in? Does the manager’s expectations for the IT job you are applying for seem reasonable?


Remember, you are at work at least eight to 10 hours a day, so do be sure you actually like the manager you would be working for before you accept any of the IT jobs you apply for.


What is the company culture like? — When you apply for any IT jobs, you will want to know what the company culture tends to be.


Is it relaxed, casual and may be quite fun, or is it more straight-laced, regimented and may be a place you will not like to work?


While IT jobs often have a reputation as being in companies that are quite relaxed, and allow their employees to wear whatever they want to work, not all companies are the same.


Make sure the company culture is close to the way you feel about a work place, as well as has people working in it that seem to be those you would get along with.


Future development and promotions — Most IT jobs are in fast-paced companies that are constantly changing.


Just make sure, with any of the IT jobs you apply for, there is plenty of opportunity for training, other development opportunities and, of course, promotions.