VR Reality Gadgets


There are a lot of VR gadgets that are becoming popular today. Over the years, it’s a dream of many individuals to be able to play in a virtual reality setting. We’ve seen it during the 1990s when graphics weren’t really that high end. Today, it is making a comeback and with higher powered devices from your smart phone to stand alone devices. If you plan on investing in VR technology, here are some of those products that you might want to check.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is arguably the most popular VR gadget that you can get. It has been crowd funded and revived our interest to VR products. The Oculus Rift is bundled with an Xbox controller, not to mention it has been integrated with headphones. However, in order to enjoy the experience, you will need to have a powerful PC.

Samsung VR Gear

The Samsung VR headset is a popular option for a lot of individuals. It works with the Galaxy S7 duo. It is easy to use and set up, not to mention it has a growing number of content that you can enjoy from games to exclusive videos that are enjoyable in this VR gadget.

360fly Virtual Reality Goggles

The 360fly is meant to watch content that has been recorded in the device’s camera. In addition to this, what makes this device a good deal is the fact that it is compatible with the open source Google cardboard. Overall, it has a good ergonomic design that can prove to be interesting within the niche.

Sony PlayStation VR

One of the things that make the Sony PlayStation VR such an interesting product is the fact that you don’t need to have a good working PC to make it work. Instead, you just need to have the PlayStation 4 and you are ready to go. It is also easy to set up and operate, not to mention it has headset feature that offers low latency.

Mattel View-Master VR Starter Pack

Are you looking for a VR gadget for your child but you are worried that your child might stumble upon some adult content? Then, you have the Mattel View-Master VR Starter Pack. This kid-friendly device that is compatible with Google Cardboard works well for the different high end smart phones. It is also a cheap option.


Merge VR

The Merge VR is a comfortable headset that allows integration with the Google Cardboard support. What makes this item a worth it investment is its comfort. It is popular among those who make use of iPhones.

There are a lot of VR tech gadgets available in the market today. If you plan on investing in one, you have to make sure that you are going to weigh things carefully. For instance, what are the things needed in order to make the device work? Does it need to have a powerful PC just like the Oculus Rift? Or does it simply need a PS4? Next, you need to know the price of these items to make sure that you are not overshooting your budget.