Why is Quality Assurance Needed for Business Call Centers?


Have you ever paid attention to the recording at the beginning of your business-oriented phone calls? You know, the ones that say, “this call may be monitored for quality assurance?” Most people ignore those. However, the related concept is actually an important one. We are referring to the practice of monitoring the quality of a call center or a business where answering phones is a major function. Have you ever wondered why this is necessary? In this brief article we will shed some light on this topic.

What is Meant By the Term of “Quality Control” at a Call Center?

This is a process initiated by top management of businesses throughout the world. They want a way of determining if customers are receiving THE BEST customer service they can get when they call a particular company. Are the operators doing their jobs well? Or, instead, are they doing a poor job that may result in the loss of customers? Do you now see how important this is? No business wants to lose customers.

Quality Assurance Analysts – What is Their Function?

At a quality control center there are analysts. These are the women and men whose responsibility it is to determine how specific business operators are performing. In a field as critical as this, the analyst is looking for perfection. They want to know how an operator is treating his or her customers over the telephone. Are they friendly and helpful to the callers? Or are they surly and abrupt, never really giving good service to the customers? Once an analyst assesses the performance of a particular operator, they report that information to the company bosses. The bosses use the information to determine the fate of the operator in question.

Business Call Evaluation Forms

This is a concept you probably are not familiar with, it is part of the quality assurance process. That is, call evaluation forms. Quite often, when a quality assurance analyst is monitoring an operator, they utilize a call evaluation form. This is more or less a checklist of what the operator is supposed to be doing. Rather than taking tons of time to write out all evaluation details, the analysts checks boxes on a form. Doing it this way allows the analyst to do his or her job quickly and, therefore, do many more evaluations in the course of a business day. This makes the quality assurance monitoring process much more efficient.

Joining a Quality Assurance Team

Now that you have an explanation of what a quality assurance analyst does and why this is important, perhaps this is a career you will decide to pursue. You certainly can play a pivotal role in the business world. For information on doing this, go online to Google and type in “call center quality assurance specialists.” You will find all kinds of tips on how to get started, where to train, and jobs you can apply for after you have completed training. With more and more businesses all over the world utilizing quality assurance teams, this job field is not likely to disappear any time soon. Who knows, maybe this is THE career opportunity you have been waiting for! You can find out more onĀ quality assurance for call centers by clicking the link.